Why Is it So Hard To Listen?

December 14, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

A Forbes article in February of 2018 summarized it perfectly. It shared results from a research by Gallup that found that the average American employee is disengaged at work. What does this mean? They are also actively looking for new jobs. This ongoing competition for highly skilled talents can actually have a very valuable impact on companies–more than $600 billion a year in lost productivity, to be exact. The solution to this is actually not that expensive–but it may be harder to implement especially for those in top management. It’s called ’empathy.’ The numbers support this–92% of employees are more likely to stay if a company empathized with them, 85% feel that empathy is overlooked by employers, and 60% will be willing to take a smaller salary as long as the employer is empathetic. This following article from Entrepreneur sheds the light on listening effectively–one of the first steps towards becoming more empathetic. – Regina Ongkiko




Read the source article at Entrepreneur

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