Thought-provoking Insights on Employee Engagement From Thought Leaders

February 8, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Customer experience is one of the metrics of success of a company. Companies invest in training for their employees on how they can improve customer experience with their brand ambassadors. However, leaders often forget their direct role has a direct influence on how the company serves its clienteles.

It is true that leaders have their own way of leadership style. However, studies show that effective leaders are facilitators and no longer as the sole decision maker. If a leader feels how his employees feel, then his decision-making can be greatly improved.

It is sad to note that employees’ potential is based solely on talent. It is signficant to note that all employees have something to contribute to the company.  If everyone is given the potential to shine, they will give their best.

Employee engagement is a very important metric for a company to succeed. Leaders should be guided by this post for their leadership style. ~~Lornajane Altura


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