Engage Employees Through The Right Mix of Culture, Data, and Tech

December 29, 2017 / GuidesFor Team

Success is defined in different ways by different individuals, organizations, and companies. In business organizations, employee engagement is a variable that can never be taken out.

Daily tasks of a specific organization usually involves the same routine. It is true that culture differentiates one organization from another. This article emphasizes that the culture of an organization greatly differs from that of another. It is emphasized that culture of family pervades the culture of the company being discussed.

Culture is not enough per se in the success of an organization. Data should also be utilized in making decisions regarding policies in the company. Data gathering is crucial and must never be done away with. 

Having the right mix of culture, data, and tech is what drives a company towards success. For organizations who are not in the know regarding its own metrics for success, then this article is  a wonderful post to read. – Lornajane Altura


Read the source article at Salesforce.com

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